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rayas_blancas's Journal

The White Stripes
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Slash: n.
1.Generally applies to fanfiction in which two males or two females are in a relationship or together.

You don't like it? Don't read it.


As far as we know, none of the P!ATD boys are actually in relationships with each other. These stories are those of our own imagination and nothing more.


! Everything has been explained in these rules on how to properly post a story with a correct introduction. If you do not follow these simple posting rules, your post will be rejected. These rules are here for a reason, whether they are liked or not, because if rules are not followed and standards are not held, it will make it that much harder for the members of this community to read the stories. Rules help the comm run smoothly and in the end, they make everyone happy as long as they are followed.

1. Firstly, before you press the 'submit' button, look over your story to make sure it is free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. If possible, have someone else look over the fic beforehand as well - everyone makes mistakes, but when we double-check our work those mistakes can be filtered out easily. If you need a beta-reader for your story, you can find a list of readily willing betas here.

2. Every story submitted MUST include the simple introduction below - if you'd like to add additional things like dedications, etc, that's fine, just make sure it has all of these things too.

Title: (No one would read a book without a title, so please give your fic one as well.)
Author: (must contain AT MINIMUM the lj user tag of your journal.) *
Rating: (this tells the reader what level of sexuality or maturity they can expect in the content of the story. If you're confused, look at the rating table.)
POV: (This stands for "Point of View". It saves a LOT of confusion if you clearly state from what point of view the story is being told.
Summary: (A brief description of what your story is about will do for this section.)
Disclaimer (State that you don't own any of the characters in real life, and that the story is fiction. A quick precaution to save yourself a court order.)
Author Notes: (Any quick and important notes about your story go here. This section is optional.)

If you'd like a easy way to make your introduction look like the example above, copy and paste the contents of the box below and simply fill in the blanks with the required information.

* If you don't know how to create an lj username tag, copy and paste the code from the box below and add your username in between the quotation marks.

3. Your story (not the introduction, which should be in plain site and not under a cut) needs to be under an lj cut, or you could link to another post in another journal with the link code. If you do not know how to make an lj cut, copy and paste the code from the box below into your post - if you wish for the cut to say something specific, put whatever it is you want to say inbetween the quotation marks.

4. If you are posting a chapter story, you have to include links in your post (before the lj-cut) to each previous chapter of your story, using the linking code. No matter where the previous chapters are located, if they are all compiled in a seperate post or in a memories section, you still must link to it using the linking code - we don't accept posts with simply raw URLs copied into them. If you do not know how to use the linking code, copy and paste the code in the below box into your post. The code will make a link, that when clicked, will open the linked chapter in a new window - do not mess with the part of the code that says target="_blank".

5. If the physical appearance of a post (font size, color, etc) has been messed with very much, the post will be rejected. Please don't make your posts hard to read just because you think it looks cool.

6. Off-topic posts are not permitted. Role-playing promotions are allowed, as long as they are under a livejournal cut. Any other posts must be approved by a moderator.

7. If you take the time to read a story, you can also take the small minute it requires to leave a comment on said story. It'll brighten the author's day. Constructive criticism is appreciated and welcomed, but do not be abusive or rude or you will be banned from the community.

satd_concrit: a community where inexperienced writers can go to get help and advice with their fiction. If a fic posted here falls under the standards of writing, it will be directed to satd_concrit, where the author can get help on it and repost it to slashatthedisco when it is back up to standard.


If you have any questions about the rules, purpose, function, or anything else regarding this community, please refer to the questions post here.


The moderators of this community can be contacted as is listed below.

aisu_mouko : egos aside, email

sae_rina : xstay tuned, email

bleedlustxchoke : abittersweetlove, email

fuzzyxhair : greendaylove4

panicslash : jae is legend

other comms:

theacademyslash - slash about The Academy Is...
underoathslash - UnderOATH slash.
beckettxross - slash about William Beckett of The Academy Is... and Ryan Ross of P!ATD.

fuckyou_patd - bitch about the Panic! at the Disco fandom.

patd - a community for everything about Panic! at the disco.